Immigration Attorney: Paid Consultation vs Free Consultation? Invest in Yourself

by | Jun 15, 2021

Immigration law is vast, complex, and constantly changing. It is critical for immigrants and their family members to choose the right immigration attorney to handle your case. Lawyers not only should have a basic understanding of the immigration law and key related issues, but we also must be informed and up to date with the latest changes. It is also important that the attorney understands how immigration law intertwines with other areas of the law, to provide the legal services clients need and deserve. When you pay for a consultation with an immigration attorney, you pay for experienceknowledge, understanding, strategy, and direct support from the attorney.

“Free consultations” may be tempting but the less you pay for something, the lower quality it will inevitably be, especially when there are pricier options. You cannot expect quality and thoroughness out of a free consultation. When you or your loved ones are going through a difficult situation, you want the best possible care.

What questions should I ask an immigration lawyer?

Choosing the right immigration attorney to handle your case is essential and will give you peace of mind. Before the meeting, take the time to read attorney’s reviewsmembership in professional associations, especially the State Bar license. At the initial meeting, you should be prepared to ask the attorney questions that are important to you and are related to the attorney’s experience handling cases like yours, how many years the attorney has been in practice, if the attorney belongs to professional organizations related to immigration (American Immigration Lawyers Association), recognitions and awards, if his or her practice focuses on immigration.

Why does Tondini Law charge a nominal fee for a consultation?

Tondini Law offers a full and comprehensive evaluation of your case. Your appointment with a licensed attorney is a real strategy session that is tailored to your needs, for a nominal fee.

We think strategically. We solve problems. We are trained to find solutions, but not generic solutions, we find strategic solutions. We care about you, your past, your present and your future.

These are key reasons why we charge a nominal consultation fee. It is good for the Law Firm and for the prospective clients who are genuinely and seriously interested in obtaining the services of a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer. A “free consultation” is worth nothing more than what you pay for it.

During your consultation with attorney Silvina Tondini:

  1. You will meet with a licensed attorney who will devote all her time and knowledge to give you not only a legal opinion based on years of study, experience, and a track record of proven results, but also a solution for your case.
  2. You will have a comprehensive case evaluation. Our consultation is a learning experience for you. You will be fully informed of your situation, your options, and you will make an informed decision that is best for you.
  3. The attorney will devote the necessary time you need to discuss your goals and options, analyze the documents you bring to the meeting, give you a complete legal opinion, and advise you honestly and comprehensively. The fee charged is nominal not hourly; regardless how much time we devote on your consultation.

Our goal is to provide you with quality services you expect and deserve. We are grateful and honored to serve our existing and recurring clients, who are the living testimonies of our services.

To all prospective clients, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Silvina Tondini, Esq.
Silvina Tondini is a bilingual, skilled, international advocate and a national speaker on Immigration Law with years of diversified experience providing counsel and directing individuals and business clients on business and immigration law matters.

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