April 2020

Executive Order Suspends Entry of Immigrant to the United States


In an Executive Proclamation issued today 4/22/2020, President Trump has suspended for 60 days effective 4/23/2020 the entry into the United States of individuals seeking immigration status, within the parameters specified in the Executive Proclamation, to individuals who are outside of the US., do not have an immigrant visa, or a valid travel document (other than a visa).

This proclamation excludes certain individuals such as:

1. Any lawful permanent resident of the US.

2. Individuals applying for a visa pursuing EB5 program

3. Spouse of a US citizen

4. Children under 21 years old of a US citizen, or prospective adoptee under IR-4 or IH-4 categories.

5. Members of the US Armed Forces including his/her spouse and children.

6. Individuals whose entry would be in the benefit of the US.

7. Individuals seeking an immigrant visa and who is a physician, nurse, health care professional, within the parameters of the EO.

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The Executive Proclamation can be found here.